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Wake County North Carolina is lucky to have robust school choice options for families.

However, sometimes these options can be overwhelming and confusing. From magnet to charter schools, or even just selecting a calendar option in your neighborhood, these choices leave many families confused and exhausted.  SchoolUp provides families with the knowledge, the research, and the clarity they need to make the best school choice for their children.

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Libby and SchoolUp Wake can certainly help this be a stress-free decision by creating a strategy for your school search.


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Confused by your public school choices? It is a familiar problem for parents in areas with lots of school choices. Hiring a consultant can be a boon for parents who want what is best for their kids.


Many urban systems are so confusing—and so unequal—that some parents are hiring private experts to help them figure out where to send their kids.

You have helped me more than you will ever know!! I’m so thankful to have found you.


Mom of 3

When our son was accepted to his school, she was my first phone call because we really valued her opinion and input. 


Mom of 4

The information Libby shared with our preschool families is invaluable. Things change so quickly in Wake Co. and it was wonderful to have her come in with current information regarding the choices families have for Kindergarten.

Melisa Welch

ESUMC Director