A Celebration of Values

Figuring out how to evaluate a school and how to know if it’s the right fit for a family is the hardest thing I do. I think it’s because schools, like our students, are fluid. They are constantly changing and evolving. I have always been a big proponent of trusting your gut, you know that inner voice you hear when you tour a school that says “yes, these are my people”. But there is something else I look at… I got some really great advice from a friend and college counselor (you can read our conversation here) and she said, take a look at the school calendar and what events they are hosting. A great way to see what a school values is by seeing what they celebrate. Let’s take a peak at what some of our local schools are celebrating! 

Forest Pines Elementary- Celebrating empathy and kindness they host Empathy Day, a day dedicated to teaching and understanding empathy- use stories, discuss empathy, create empathy rocks, discuss how to spread kindness, create empathy maps, set goals.

Joyner Elementary – Celebrating students who are ready to take action in the world Joyner hosts an Invention Convention where students create a product that solves a problem they see in the world. 

Wiley Elementary– Celebrating cultures from around the globe Wiley hosts Go global an International festival where students put on a performance showcase. 

Conn Elementary – Celebrating entrepreneurial thinking and invention Conn regularly conducts a Big Ideas Festival where students create and display their big ideas! 

Hunter Elementary – Celebrating community and success Hunter ES enjoys Hunter Heritage and a See It, Be It campaign which showcases their past alumni and all the amazing things they are doing today as a way to inspire their students

West Millbrook Middle –  Celebrating athletics and teacher student collaborations the PTA at West Millbrook hosts March Madness, a teacher vs student basketball game, free throw shooting contest, and school wide performance showcase. 

Moore Square Middle- Celebrating the arts and the unique talents of their students Moore Square organizes First Friday a day of demonstrations, exhibits, performances, and games by their students.

Martin Middle- Celebrating diversity and global inclusion Martin hosts a World Languages Night where students and their families learn about the languages and cultures of the MMS community.

Enloe High- Celebrating giving and community Enloe students participate in a Charity Ball in which a student run organization partners with a local nonprofit to raise funds and awareness for the charity.  

Leesville Road High- Celebrating success after high school Leesville puts together a College Student Panel in which they host recent alumni from a variety of schools who share their college experiences and answer questions.

Magellan Charter School – Celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship Magellan hosts the Magellan Marketplace where 4th graders produce their own products to sell and students shop with “money”. 

Woods Charter – Celebrating community and family Woods Charter hosts a Family Camp Out on the soccer field At Woods they believe that students should be known, needed, and cared for. 


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