SchoolUp provides families in Wake County with the knowledge, the research, and the clarity they need to make the best school choice for their children.

I started SchoolUp to provide families in Wake County with the knowledge and guidance they need to find the right school for their children. I believe school choice is such a gift and my hope is that through my services families can embrace the robust schools' options in front of them. Whether you are new to Wake County, don't have the time, or just need some advice to get you started, my goal is to help families stay informed and feel empowered to choose the right school for their needs.

Together with your family, I look at your unique goals and desires and then assist in researching school options that best fit your needs. By providing you with the tools and knowledge you need we can clear away the confusion and simplify the process.


I started SchoolUp to provide families in Wake County with the knowledge and guidance they need to find the right school for their children.


Libby Taylor, Founder

My career has been in education, including teaching in our public schools and providing professional development to teachers.

I have an undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University and a Masters from UNC. I started my career in education working in Washington D. C. before transitioning to the classroom. I then taught in both Wake Co. and Durham Co. before moving on to The National Humanities Center where I planned and coordinated professional development for teachers. I started SchoolUp in 2017 as an independent consulting business helping both local families and those relocating to the area. I spend my days touring schools and talking to parents about their experiences in schools. I provide this service to parents because even though you can do it on your own, like all things in parenting, you shouldn't have to.


Emmy Renquist, Durham Consultant

I'm a Durham local with a background in education and a passion for Montessori education.

I was born and raised in Durham, attending both public and private schools in the county. I went on to complete my associates from Durham Technical Community College, bachelor’s from UNC-Chapel Hill and eventually my Master’s in Education. I lived in Colorado, Maryland and Ohio while my husband served in the U.S. Air Force and spent time working in public schools in Southern Maryland. Throughout that time, and in our own experience navigating the school selection process, I became aware of how differently school systems operate throughout the country, as well as the challenges of navigating unfamiliar areas. I want to learn more about what your family values in a school and how we can align those principles with what our schools have to offer. I look forward to working alongside you!

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