How Do You Choose?

In my sessions with preschool parents, I talk a lot about tips for choosing the right school fit for your family, how to look beyond the gossip, and how to evaluate a successful school. In my research, I came across this interesting article published in the Atlantic a few years ago. It has some great …

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Final Decisions Made on the 2018-19 Student Enrollment Proposal

Last night the Wake County Board of Education voted on the final 2018-19 student enrollment plan. Check out their updated enrollment page for information on what changes were made. Click on the address lookup tool in the pink box to see where your base school will be for the coming year.

How are Charter Schools Different? Here are the Basics.

Charter schools are one option in the growing “school choice” movement. Funded by taxpayer money, these schools are growing nationally, though some states have yet to pass related laws. This News & Observer article explains what sets them apart from traditional public and private schools.

Proposed Changes to Elementary Schools

The new enrollment proposal recommends attendance changes to Brooks Elementary, Green Elementary, Jeffrey’s Grove and more schools. These changes are a result of balancing achievement levels, and the new state-mandated reduction in class size. Click here to see how these schools and others are likely to be changed next year.

New Proposed Attendance Boundary Changes

New schools and new smaller class sizes are creating a lot of change in Wake County schools from elementary to high school. Click here to read about some of these proposed changes. Parents can also click here to read more about the enrollment proposal and to look up your address for any proposed changes.