Navigating Capped Schools in Wake County

I think capped schools is the most complicated piece of navigating a move to Wake County. We are so lucky to be a fast growing city, but with that comes some growing pains. Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) intentionally places the burden of growth onto new families moving to the area by capping schools, which means they don’t guarantee seats for new families once a school becomes too overcrowded. You can find the list of currently capped schools here.

If I have a rising kindergartner and my base school is capped, what does that mean for me?

Capped school are both overcrowded and experiencing high residential growth. Capped schools should not affect local residents who enroll during the kindergarten enrollment period.

What happens if I buy a house and my new assigned school is capped?

You will be provided transportation to an overflow school. Go ahead and start the enrollment process, it might turn out that your school has availability in the grade level you need. A capped school just means its overcrowded and new families can’t be guaranteed a spot, but some grade levels might have availability while others may not. Start the enrollment process and contact the school to find out.

I sat down with Raleigh Realty Mom Heather Taylor to help explain capped schools. Watch the video for more tips!

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